28 July

Flexible Platform Enables Business Shift

accounting system upgradeScribe Online, a product of Scribe Software, provides customized cloud solutions to tackle integration challenges and increase business value for enterprises and system integrators (SIs). Business are taking advantage of customized cloud solutions for industry-specific solutions for technology, professional services, and financial services organizations. “Scribe Online has been a true enabler for our business shift to the cloud,” said Dave Burlington, Partner at Armanino. “Our Integration Business is growing rapidly thanks to the flexibility of the platform as we shift our focus to providing packaged cloud solutions and services to meet customer demand.”

Read the full article here: http://www.scribesoft.com/scribe_software_continues_rapid_growth_trajectory

23 July

Armanino Is Moving Up!

In the recent publication of The 2014 VAR 100, an annual ranking of the top 100 Value Added
Resellers by Accounting Today, Armanino was promoted to 5th place, up from 7th last year and 33rd in 2011. The firm’s revenue increased by 22 percent and staff rose to 200 in what COO Matt
Armanino notes as, “a very competitive market for experienced people.” When asked if the “VAR” classification continues to adequately describe Armanino’s business, our Partner-in-Charge of Consulting Tom Mescall responded: “Yes: however, we consider ourselves more than a Value Added Reseller…

22 July

Highlights from an Interview with Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri: Cloud Solutions Have a Head Start

iStock_000010784452LargeIn a recent interview Aneel Bhusri, CEO of California based Workday, discussed the success of his company and of Cloud Solutions as a whole. Bhusri emphasized that Cloud Solutions are continually growing and dominating the sectors in which they are employed.

8 July

Achieving order control and operations efficiency using ERP

Receiving a new customer order is just the beginning of the accounting and operations process for a new customer sale. After the order comes in, the primary concern for operations is that it gets completed and shipped as successfully as possible. The accounting concern is that all business records and processes related to the order, shipment and payment get completed accurately and in a timely manner.

At Armanino, we believe a good ERP system can improve customer order processing by providing the following benefits:

23 June

Innovation in IT Consulting: How Progressive Integrator Can Ride New Cloud Opportunities

Last week WIRED Innovation Insights reported Lou Guercia, CEO of Scribe Software had the opportunity to connect with Dave Burlington, cloud expert at Armanino, a valued Scribe partner, who offered excellent insights into the ways innovative systems integrators (SIs) are adapting to the disruptive cloud age.

11 June

Matt Armanino Talks about Cloud Software at ITA Collaborative

Cloud Accouting Software opens doors to highly skilled workers


2014 June – Matt Armanino Speaks with CPAPA at ITA Collaborative
Matt Armanino – partner and COO for Armanino  – spoke  with CPA Practice Advisor
about the experience of attending the Information Technology Alliance (ITA)
2014 Spring Collaborative for the first time and the growth and opportunities for
efficiency offer by the Cloud financial solutions marketplace today and in the future.
Watch the video interview.

28 May

3 Ways to Impact Employee Efficiency Using Technology

Direct employee expenses, including wages and benefits, generally account for anywhere from 20% to 50% of a company’s total operating expense. So as a business manager or owner, getting the best productivity from your employees makes sense.

While there are a number of broad areas in which you can increase employee productivity, including organizational and operational, I’d like to talk about the low hanging fruit ─ technology.

5 May

Working Capital Loans: Why a Good Accounting System Matters

If you’re considering asking your bank for a sizable working capital loan, you should make sure you have the right accounting system in place beforehand, so you can avoid audit pain later.