22 June

Top Cloud Solutions Providers Featured in CIO Review

Providing Sound Insights that Lead to Positive Action - CIO Review (Dave Burlington)CIO Review recently released a special issue featuring the 20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech Solution Providers. Armanino is excited to have been included in the list this year. Noted with the tagline of “Providing Sound Insights that Lead to Positive Action,” the article discussed how Armanino’s Cloud Solutions team “helps finance teams at public and private companies minimize time spent on low-value accounting processes and increase time spent on strategic decision making.”

With robust integrations to help improve ROI and a rapid implementation approach, the Cloud Solutions team goes beyond just data integration to support the entire business process. In the article, CIO Review spoke with the Cloud Solutions practice leader and partner, Dave Burlington, and kCura’s Controller, Todd Bailey to gain some insider insights on implementing a cloud accounting solution with Armanino.

Find the complete insights on Armanino in CIO Review. Read the full Corporate Finance Tech Special issue of CIO Review and check out more cloud solutions and cloud integrations to benefit your business.


17 June

CA Nonprofit Streamlines Reporting with a Better ERP

A quickly growing nonprofit, the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (CIBHS), needed an ERP system that could match their growth and continue to support the organization. After one unsuccessful ERP implementation, the CIBHS team was wary of implementing another ERP, but the organization’s controller, Tiffany Detinne, knew their current software just could not keep pace with their financial and accounting needs.

Detinne was interviewed in a recent case study and noted, “I have as many as 200 projects to track at any given time. I had to spend two to three days using Excel to create the reports I needed. I wanted my financial system to do the reporting for me rather than me having to manually do it.”

The case study, California Nonprofit Reduces Financial Reporting Effort from Days to Minutes, describes the path Detinne’s team took to determine implementing Intacct with Armanino was the right solution for them and how the solution is helping to streamline processes. Detinne is excited to be spending more time focused on analyzing the team’s data and much less time worrying about pulling reports and checking data accuracy.

Read the full case study, California Nonprofit Reduces Financial Reporting Effort from Days to Minutes, and learn more about the Intacct solution to see how it can streamline your team’s reporting needs.

2 June

Stock Award Modifications: What to Consider

Stock Award Modification (Photo)Managing a stock plan can be complicated and difficult. Once you’ve completed confirming all the grants, exercises and forfeitures, what else is there to check out? One of the most overlooked and ignored aspects stock based compensation maintenance is adjusting stock award modifications to existing awards. When do we consider a change to be a modification that impacts expense? I won’t get into the nuts and bolts of how modification accounting works but rather want to make you aware of what to watch for so you can begin to consider the accounting implications.

One of the most typical cases of award modification is the situation where a terminated employee is allowed accelerated vesting at termination. Most of us would immediately see an impact on amortization due to the acceleration of vesting, but what if this person is also granted an extended time period to exercise from the original agreed upon terms? We tend to overlook that this latter adjustment may also impact total fair value and amortization. It’s good to never assume that a change in terms won’t affect fair value. Whenever there is a change in terms, it’s best to further investigate the impact on expense.

Another often presented situation is one in which a modification is missed simply because new staff is unaware of the original terms of an award agreement. The amended terms are assumed to be the original terms. If no adjustments were made at the time of modification and amortization does not reflect the proper adjustments, expense will be off. These are scenarios that are often uncovered during data reconciliations where historical information is uncovered after the fact. This is a scenario that can be quite impactful if it affects a large enough pool of grants and can cause quite a bit of headache in trying to book expense in later periods.

Overall, make sure you generally understand what changes in terms are impactful to stock based compensation. Any time you see a change in terms, investigate. It may or may not impact your bottom line. Terms that change minor things like payment options, don’t necessarily mean there is a true modification but at least you checked.

A good rule of thumb is that changes which affect the standard terms of a fair value model like Black Scholes, will most likely impact expense. Similarly, terms that change significant portions of the agreement that result in some benefit to the awardee are often a good sign of modification. Diligence in this aspect of stock plan management will save you a lot of grief and keep you well informed in the future.

Learn more  about equity management and check out additional blogs for more best practices.

20 May

Valuing Start-Up Companies

Armanino’s Valuation and Forensic Services practice leaders are preparing for an upcoming webinar with AICPA. Jeff Stegner, Partner, and Dirk Van Dyke, Managing Partner, for the Valuation and Forensic Services team are excited to discuss valuing start-up companies from a Silicon Valley perspective.

The presentation will review the importance of a start-up company valuation, examine the common valuation method used for early stage companies, and establish best practices and considerations to avoid audit, IRS, and SEC concerns. With a combined 25 years of experience in valuing start-up and technology companies in Silicon Valley, Jeff and Dirk are well positioned to cover a range of valuations issues from the most basic to more complex issues for these types of companies. They will share details on valuing companies at varying stages of development as well as the methods used in valuation of such companies, including Discounted Future Cash-Flows, Market methods, and the Back-Solve approach. Additionally, the presentation covers allocating value to shareholders in complex capital structures that include “rounds” of preferred stock financing. Lastly, they will discuss the most common points noted by auditors when these valuations are reviewed in connection with the preparation of financial statements.

Register for the upcoming webinar to gain insights into valuing start-up companies and learn more about Armanino’s valuation team and services.

19 May

Travel Expense Management: Send Your Key Players on the Road with Confidence

Travel Expense Management - eBookThe manufacturing and distribution industry is highly competitive which can lead to slim profit margins. Before sending your sales team into the field, arm them with the technology to control travel spending, including two big-ticket items that can burn budgets and profits quickly. With a new focus on travel expense management, you can find ways to save and stretch tight profit margins.

Few businesses have extra money to spend without regard to budgets or profits, and those in the manufacturing and distribution industry must be very diligent about controlling spending. However, if your team relies on paper-based expense reporting, you may be putting spending at risk. Check out the eBook, Integrating Travel into Your Expense Management, to learn just how quickly airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses can add up. As discussed in the eBook, managers are often the last to know when these expenditures take place – specifically when your traveling employee returns to the office and starts compiling receipts into a paper-based expense report. Get ahead of spending and protect thinning profit margins by deploying a better travel expense management solution.

Employees often book accommodations based on convenience and their choices may not adhere to corporate guidelines. TripLink is an app that allows travelers to make accommodations right from their smartphone or tablet, choosing from an array of options that you can determine. They can book with preferred vendors, such as hotel chains with which you have negotiated better rates, or choose alternative accommodations based on designated price targets. This flexibility offers the convenience desired by your travelers while also providing control over travel spending.

TripLink seamlessly connects with expense reporting systems to offer greater visibility into travel expenses. You can identify trends in spending and use that information to cut additional costs and prevent wasteful spending. For instance, you may identify other vendors willing to offer better rates for hotel, transportation, and other common travel expenses. With better rates, your team can adjust budgets or pricing for the products or services you provide.

Send your key employees on the road with the confidence that travel-related expenses are under control. Explore technology integrations at the Armanino marketplace to discover more ways to keep your business running smoothly, and remember to view Integrating Travel into Your Expense Management to learn how to control budgets and protect profits with TripLink.

13 May

Outgrowing QuickBooks: A Move to Cloud Accounting

QuickBooks to CloudExpanding organizations outgrow their software solutions every year throughout the country. It’s a great problem to have…to an extent. In the land of opportunity, more and more businesses are feeling the growing pains of success and as companies grow, they outgrow their entry-level accounting systems. Generally, that system is QuickBooks.

While growth is great, transitioning to more robust accounting system can be pricey and time consuming. The big questions for any growing company are:

When should we start? When will we see a return on investment and recover the cost of transitioning?

Gain some essential insights to why a move to an updated cloud accounting system is important and how to envision the benefits of a more robust, flexible accounting system for your team.

7 May

Adaptive Live 2015 Recap

Adaptive Live 2015 was a great event and our team loved meeting with so many colleagues, clients, and fellow Adaptive Insights users. The slides from the various sessions are now available from Adaptive Insights’ Product Support and Forums page. The Adaptive team also shared some great photos from the event including a few shots of the Armanino team!

ChJohn Dunican (Partner for Armanino's Adaptive Insights Practice) at Adaptive Live 2015eck out this shot of John Dunican, practice leader for Armanino’s Adaptive Insights team chatting with colleagues in front of the Armanino booth.

In case you’re wondering, that part of the booth included a quote from Enrico Hernandez, CFO at Lincoln Child Center, commenting “With Armanino and Adaptive at my side, I know we can save money to serve the kids. Then we will make a profit for the future.” We were thrilled to see Enrico and his team represented at the conference.

We had a great week meeting new people, reconnecting with clients, and learning from all the Adaptive sessions. The team can’t wait for even more great content and networking at next year’s Adaptive Live conference.

Remember to check out Amy Morgan’s follow-up blog on CFO Evolution – The Poor Man’s Scorecard and the Armanino presentation from Adaptive Live, Your Guide to Driving the CFO Evolution.

Learn more about corporate performance management and Adaptive Insights for your team.

30 April

CFO Evolution – The Poor Man’s Scorecard

It was wonderful to attend Adaptive Live this year! During my presentation, Your Guide to Driving
the CFO Evolution
, with John Dunican, Partner for Armanino’s Adaptive Insights practice, we
shared a scorecard technique we use in Adaptive Insights when a client hasn’t purchased the
Discovery module. We call the technique “The Poor Man’s Scorecard.”  Our clients find this a useful
tool for introducing their C-suite and operational teams to a consolidated data view in Adaptive, so
this often works as a bridge or proof of concept before clients invest in the Discovery module.

Poor Man's Scorecard - Amy Morgan, Armanino

To build a scorecard:

  1. Create a shared report – use conditional formatting or graphical reports for readability.
  2. Create a new Announcement page (Admin/Manage Announcement Pages/New Announcement Page – drag over report).
  3. Make the Announcement page visible to the appropriate levels and save.
  4. Move the new Announcement page to the top of the page order (Admin/Manage Announcement Pages – click ^ move arrow).
  5. Update user’s Home Page to Announcement Page (Admin/Edit Users/Edit – select drop-down box after Home Page).

To learn more about how you can enhance your model, contact our team at AdaptiveInsights@armaninollp.com. I also feature tips and tricks at @AdaptiveAmy on Twitter.

Learn more about how the CFO Evolution® and Adaptive Insights can benefit your team

Happy modeling!