6 October

A Financial Planning and Analysis Tool to Challenge Your Budgeting & Forecasting Woes

Adaptive Insights Financial Planning and AnalysisDon’t wait for the end of the year to exercise your plan of action, now is the time to ditch your rusty annual budget drill and give your company a year-end check in to discover more effective budgeting processes. If you’re a CFO still utilizing spreadsheets and Excel templates with numerous rows and complex pivot tables, now is the time to make big changes to move your company forward and brighten its forecast.

Big Data has fully emerged and expectations have increased for finance organizations. Real-time budgeting, performance management, and financial planning and analysis are among the few key capabilities that businesses value when it comes to operation and making strategic decisions.

One popular step to ditching your old routine is to build a real-time forecasting system to help drive your decisions and produce a living document that can be shared via the cloud. The recent Forbes article, “Adaptive Insights Sucks Up $75M to End Excel Woes”, highlights the cloud solution software’s big investment to empower finance, sales, and other business leaders with readily actionable insights.

By integrating an all-in-one budgeting and forecasting system such as Adaptive Insights, financial officers will reduce the time they spend as accountants and increase time spent as executives engaged in strategic planning. Once you break away from annual budgeting, each department of your company will begin to feel the impact and deliver actionable results that will change how your business addresses financial planning and analysis.

Learn more about all-in-one financial planning and analysis and how to utilize a financial planning software to empower your team.

30 September

Business Intelligence Dashboard: Turbo Charge Your Sales Team

Armanino Business Intelligence DashboardWhat’s the first Business Intelligence dashboard most clients request? Top priority is always sales the lead to opportunity pipeline. The Armanino team of experts has taken years of experience building these dashboards and distilled them into a rapidly deployed, easy-to-use application for your sales and executive management teams.

Utilize our suite of dashboard and analytic applications to help manage your sales pipeline and sales team performance to gain greater visibility into your pipeline progression and sales effectiveness than standard CRM systems can provide. Additionally, spend more time on strategic leadership and invest your sales and marketing funds on proven, successful campaigns.

Analyze your sales and marketing data from every angle and uncover new ways to optimize sales performance with better analytics on sales and quota performance. Join Armanino business intelligence experts John Horner and Geoffrey Wayong as they demonstrate the software dashboards that illustrate the value of your efforts by putting key campaign, lead, pipeline and sales forecast data at your fingertips.

During this webinar:

  • Learn how to analyze sales and marketing program effectiveness with sales pipeline dashboards
  • Compare common sales and marketing key performance indicators to your company’s metrics.

Register today for this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, October 7th at 10am (Pacific). Discover more about how business intelligence can help your team become more efficient and strategic.

8 September

Cloud Integration Considerations CloudExpo Features Dave Burlington

Cloud Integration - ArmaninoCloud Expo recently shared some insights from Armanino’s Cloud Solutions partner Dave Burlington on how cloud is changing the business world and how to avoid cloud silos. (Check out the full article Avoiding Cloud Silos on the Cloud Expo blog).

Burlington comments on the open marketplace created by the Cloud, “Department managers buy best-of-breed solutions for marketing automation, budgeting and forecasting, financials, procurement, expense management and more.” He goes on to discuss how the prevalence of cloud silos and how they can negatively impact overall visibility into the business.

The article includes comments from Doug Kabler, Senior Financial Analyst at kCura as well. Kabler has first-hand experience integrating his team’s ERP and budgeting/forecasting solutions Intacct and Adaptive Insights. He discusses kCura’s lower risk for errors and comments “Because it is so easy to load, delete and re-load actuals, I load actuals multiple times prior to the month’s close to get a sense of where the month will end up.”

Read the full Avoiding Cloud Silos article for more details and to learn about Burlington’s “Five Key Considerations for Cloud Integrations” covering primary business processes, changes in your business, segregation of duties, end-user experience, and a unified mobile experience.

4 August

2015 Killer VARs from Accounting Today

Accounting Today recently released their list of the 2015 Killer VARs, businesses embracing the draw of the Cloud in today’s market. The article notes that the firms included in the Killer VARs list are “forging a true advisory partnership with their clients” to maintain their status ahead of the competition.

With solutions for companies from fast-growing start-ups to larger companies, Armanino was excited to be highlighted on the 2015 Killer VARs list. Tom Mescall, Armanino’s partner-in-charge of consulting, commented, ” “It’s not just about cloud software products but the cloud mission all companies are on. We understand from a business level what is driving transformational change. We’re helping companies rethink their whole IT strategy and providing the business case to them.”

Movement to the Cloud is a major factor impacting both VARs and their clients. As the article introductions points out, “these trends are no longer plans but client-mandated directives…” Armanino is proud to be a trendsetter in the Cloud solutions market by empowering our clients with solutions that fit their needs and enable them to achieve their own strategic goals.

Read the full article on Accounting Today’s 2015 Killer VARs. Learn more about Armanino’s Cloud solutions practices and approach to being trusted strategic advisors.

30 July

EVOLUTION Conference Early Bird Deadline TOMORROW!

EVOLUTION Conference Logo (2015)

In the past, Armanino has hosted user days and our Technology Forum focused on solution-specific updates. This year our team has revamped those events into the much-expanded, robust EVOLUTION conference. The conference is dedicated to showcasing superior professional development alongside technology tips, tricks, and updates.

Early bird discount pricing ends this week on July 31st, so be sure to register soon to secure the best option.

EVOLUTION’s educational tracks include Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IPO Readiness, Cloud & Data Security, Technology Toolkit, and a Solution Showcase. Sessions will span high level views on the Realities of Migrating from On-Premise to the Cloud, insights into SEC Filing Hot Buttons & Gotchas: Tax, Audit, & Stock Options, and best practices in Rolling Forecasts – Evolve Beyond Annual Budgets. We have also maintained the solution-specific tips, tricks, and updates from past conferences as well.

The keynote address will be presented by Rand Morimoto, former White House cybersecurity advisor and best-selling author, discussing cybersecurity insights for businesses. Other featured speakers include Peter Bardwick, CFO of Nitro, Thomas Peff, Finance Director for Adaptive Insights, and numerous industry panelists.

Additionally, both California CE and business certifications will be available for conference attendees. Armanino has partnered with Saint Mary’s College of California School of Economics and Business Administration to deliver business certifications for the ERP, IPO Readiness, and FP&A tracks.

Learn more and register today to secure your spot at the EVOLUTION conference – early bird pricing ends this week on July 31st!

22 July

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats to Your Business

Companies are currently investing more in measures to respond to inevitable cybersecurity attacks — monitoring, preventive policies, training and staffing – than in preventative infrastructure. According to a CEO at a financial technology company, “It’s a constant battle that won’t go away and we are now spending more to protect ourselves from when we are hacked than to try and keep from being hacked.” These are some of the top cybersecurity threats for business leaders.

Silicon Valley bank - How Tech Companies Prepare for Cyber Attacks

  1. Social Media Hacking: The hacking of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media outlets poses a threat to company image. Just as recently as this year, the Burger King Twitter account was hacked, and the account logo was changed to a McDonald’s sign. BK wasn’t the only company hacked, NBC, Jeep, and others had their image tarnished by the work of hackers.
  2. Governmental Agency Data Breaches: Agencies within the government sector saw major data breaches in 2012 & 2013. The significance of the breached data is not limited to governmental information. Since government databases house information on both public and private company financial and tax information, the breaches of government databases affect all entities which share information the government. Other security issues related to governmental breaches include bank account numbers, usernames, passwords, and personal identities.
  3. Company Data Breaches: Perhaps the most damaging threat of a data breach is the fragile customer-company relationship built on trust. Yahoo, Verizon, Google, Comcast, and other well-known companies have had confidential information leaked due to data breaches. The largest breach from Yahoo! saw over 400,000 user names and passwords exposed.
  4. Malware: Malicious software can be used to phish information such as account passwords & usernames, company financials, or bank account data. The rise in mobile malware has now increased the likelihood of phones being hacked six-fold over the risk of your PC or network being hacked. Android users especially should download the latest patch to keep their information protected.
  5. Inter-Company Server Mishaps: Company website hacking has created a need for IT personnel specializing in the field of protective services. Companies are obligated to keep customer data safe and have a seamlessly running website.
16 July

2015 Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey

Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey - Cloud Accounting Institute Logo


Benchmark your Cloud accounting software adoption against your peers. Cloud Accounting Institute’s 2015 Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey is now available and we invite finance professionals in any industry to take the survey!

Participants will receive a copy of the final Benchmark Report when it becomes available. You will learn about the latest cloud adoption trends, critical benefits to gain by migrating from on-premise to the Cloud, and integration solutions for Cloud solutions.

Join your fellow finance professionals in taking the latest Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey to see where you stand in today’s marketplace.

See the results from the 2014 Cloud Accounting Benchmark Survey in this Cloud Accounting Best Practices Report.

22 June

Top Cloud Solutions Providers Featured in CIO Review

Providing Sound Insights that Lead to Positive Action - CIO Review (Dave Burlington)CIO Review recently released a special issue featuring the 20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech Solution Providers. Armanino is excited to have been included in the list this year. Noted with the tagline of “Providing Sound Insights that Lead to Positive Action,” the article discussed how Armanino’s Cloud Solutions team “helps finance teams at public and private companies minimize time spent on low-value accounting processes and increase time spent on strategic decision making.”

With robust integrations to help improve ROI and a rapid implementation approach, the Cloud Solutions team goes beyond just data integration to support the entire business process. In the article, CIO Review spoke with the Cloud Solutions practice leader and partner, Dave Burlington, and kCura’s Controller, Todd Bailey to gain some insider insights on implementing a cloud accounting solution with Armanino.

Find the complete insights on Armanino in CIO Review. Read the full Corporate Finance Tech Special issue of CIO Review and check out more cloud solutions and cloud integrations to benefit your business.