24 October

International Franchiser Joins Armanino Family for Cloud-Based Solution

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Cartridge World, an international franchiser that offers printers, ink and toner, and printer repair for home and business customers. Armanino will be providing a custom-tailored accounting and financial reporting solution from Intacct to consolidate Cartridge World’s global accounting and financial reporting needs.

“By reducing our annual subscription fee by two-thirds of what we were previously investing, Armanino has helped us redesign our workflow to maximize our savings. With Intacct, we are able to tie our global presence together under one simple to use cloud accounting solution.”

– Michael Dixon, Director of Finance, Cartridge World

Utilizing Intacct allows for consolidating reports across different geographic locations and minimizing manual reporting to save time and costs. With this multi-dimensional cloud-based solution, Cartridge World has access to customized analyses of KPIs and budget variances from multiple locations alongside the opportunity to ‘tag’ transactions and data points for ease of access and reporting.

Learn more about solution opportunities with Intacct from the 2014 VAR Partner of the Year.

20 October

Intacct Collaborate Announced for Increased Efficiency

During Dreamforce 2014, Intacct introduced Intacct Collaborate, an innovative app focused on enhancing efficiency and accelerating business processes. The concept behind the app is to make companies more productive and efficient, and thereby, more competitive in their industries.

Collaborate embeds Salesforce Chatter into Intacct to enable finance teams to communicate more effectively within their teams and across their whole companies. According to a recent Forrester Research survey, 71% of finance software buyers rated collaboration as important or very important. Additionally, 63% have already implemented or are planning to implement collaboration capabilities within the year. Intacct Collaborate is on the forefront of these essential collaboration needs, ensuring companies maintain a competitive edge by streamlining communications and expediting business decisions.

Check out more details on Intacct Collaborate. Or, learn more about the Intacct solution and integration opportunities.

16 October

Cloud 2.0 – Keeping Our Heads in the Clouds

Learn about best-of-breed cloud solutions to keep your technology current. Check out this brief presentation on Cloud 2.0 for what’s happening in the cloud, why it matters for your business, and how to keep up in the ever-expanding public cloud market.

10 October

Relieve Password Pains with Single Sign-On

Cloud_LockWho enjoys memorizing and tracking an ever-expanding list of user names and passwords? Not many of us!

Personal applications aside, the number of logins required to perform day-to-day tasks in the professional world is mounting. The time spent changing passwords, increasing their complexity, remembering those passwords, and calling the support desk to reset forgotten passwords, plus the heightened security risk of passwords being written down, is adding pressures (and costs) for companies large and small. In response, an increasing number of firms are adopting cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) services (like Okta).

29 September

Autonet Mobile Saves Time with Armanino’s Equity Management Solutions and EASi

Doug Paulin, Autonet Mobile’s CFO, discusses time-saving benefits of Cloud software at Armanino’s Silicon Valley Cloud Solutions Networking Event. Autonet Mobile’s leadership has been able to streamline services and devote more time to running the business by turning to Armanino’s Equity Management Solutions and the EASi software for stock option administration. Paulin explained that adopting a Cloud solution is the best way to improve efficiency and is the most impactful way to drive value for your business.

Cloud solutions are helping leaders get the clutter off their desk so they can focus on the real work.


17 September

Ensuring Your Vendor’s Cloud Has a Silver Lining

cloudwashing imageCloud vendors tend to deliver IT systems and services better than we can, generally speaking. Since the systems they provide are the core of their business, they invest more in their personnel, technology, and other resources to deliver security, availability, processing integrity, scalability, reliability and other factors better than we typically would…since IT is not the core of our (and most people’s) business. They also tend to offer those services at a lower cost through economies of scale. However, notice the caveats in what I just said: they tend to be better, in general, which tends to be at a lower cost. Not all of them are better. If the vendor doesn’t practice sound business operations, you may try to log onto your system one day and find that it, and your data, are gone…and completely un-retrievable.

This nightmare can be avoided by

15 September

Lincoln Child Center Selects Armanino and Adaptive Insights to Improve Budgeting

Enrico Hernandez, Lincoln Child Center’s CFO, shares Cloud budgeting and forecasting tips at Armanino’s Silicon Valley Cloud Solutions Networking Event. The Adaptive Planning solution implemented at Lincoln Child Center has prompted organizational change. Before the new solution, leadership had to constantly ask and wait for the budget and had little knowledge of what was happening with the Center’s finances. Now all employees are much more collaborative and it’s benefitting the Center as a whole. www.amllp.com/adaptive-insights.

10 September

Best Practices for Cloud Accounting from the Annual Benchmark Study

Cloud SolThe Cloud Accounting Institute’s 2014 Annual Benchmark Study  has indicated that many financial systems currently in use are not optimizing business processes for their users. Terrible and poor marks were given for adapting to changing business or process requirements, publishing complete and relevant information to stakeholders, optimizing business processes, reducing process inefficiencies, and improving ROI. Half of respondents felt their system was average at providing financial information to decision makers, maintaining an effective internal control structure and process, reducing fraudulent transactions, managing performance in the context of business risk. These same respondents expect their SaaS solution to be good or excellent in these metrics.

Read the full results here.